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Basic Hardbacked Lamp Shade Shapes:



How to Measure a Shade When shopping for new lamp shades on our site, you’ll see shades listed with different measurements. These measurements are always listed the same way: (a) the distance in inches across the top (could be one measurement if round or square, or two measurements if oval or rectangular), (b) across the bottom, and (c) the vertical slant (or the vertical height if applicable). If you are replacing an existing shade, measure the old shade using this same method with a ruler or retractable tape measure.

Here are the shade measurements you’ll need:

A – Measure the top diameter.

B – Measure the bottom diameter.

C – Measure the vertical slant (down the flat side on Squares, Ovals and Rectangles).

Specificaly, For Measuring Your Shade:

ROUND (Click to see a larger image):

  • Round-Top Dimension
  • Round-Bottom Dimension
  • Round-Slant Height

SQUARE (Click to see a larger image):
  • Square-Top Dimension
  • Square-Bottom Dimension
  • Square-Slant Height

OVAL (Click to see a larger image):
  • Oval-Top Width
  • Oval-Top Length
  • Oval-Bottom Width
  • Oval-Bottom Length
  • Oval-Slant Height

RECTANGLE (Click to see a larger image):
  • Rectangle-Top Width
  • Rectangle-Top Length
  • Rectangle-Bottom Width
  • Rectangle-Bottom Length
  • Rectangle-Slant Height

ALSO IMPORTANT! For Measuring your Fitter Drop:

In general, your fitter drop is the distance from the "top of the lampshade" to the ring (fitter) that attaches to your lamp base. It is sometimes easier to turn your lampshade upside down on a table and measure from the table to the fitter. If you need help measuring your fitter drop, please give us a call at the support phone number listed at the top of this website. (Click on an image to see a larger view.)

  • Standard 1/2" Washer; 1/2" Drop
  • Euro; 2" Drop
  • Uno; 4" Drop
  • Cut Washer; 3/4" Drop

Help with Lamp Shades
Need help measuring or deciding on a style? Call us at 256.878.1003